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History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire

Published by William White, 1840

Pages 458 to 459

KIRKBY MISPERTON, or Kirby-over-Carr, is a village on a gentle eminence, near the marhes, at the juction of Ryedale with the vale of the Derwent, but on the west side of the Costa, or Pickering Beck, 3½ miles S. of Pickering. Its township contains 170 souls, and 1821 acres of land, mostly the property of the Rev. F.W. Bomberg, D.D., who resides at the Hall, and was chaplain to George IV. The Church (St. Lawrence) is a neat but ancient gothic structure, and near it is a commodious Rectory House, formerly surrounded by a moat. The rectory valued in K.B. at £25. 1s. 10½d., and now at £960, is in in the gift of Lord Feversham, and is now enjoyed by the Hon. and Rev. Augustus Duncombe, B.A. The glebe is 124 acres. In 1673, Wm. Smithson bequeathed a yearly rent charge of £10, out of his farm here, one half for a weekly distribution of bread to the poor, and the other half for repairing the highways leading from the parish to church to Great Habton and Amotherby. He also bequethed out of his tithes of Hilderthorpe, the yearly payments of £10, for schooling poor children of this parish; 10s. for a sermon on his funeral day; and 10s. to be distributed in bread after the said sermon. This rent charge of £11 is now paid out of land in Hilderthorpe, pursuant to an exchange made at the enclosure. The schoolmaster has generally about 20 free scholars, and has the use of a house and school-room, belonging to the lord of the manor. The poor parishioners have £3. 10s. a year left by Eliz. Stocton and John Percival. Barugh-Ambo, Great and Little Habton, and Ryton, are four townships in Kirkby Misperton parish. Directory:- Rev. F.W. Blomberg, D.D., Kirkby Misperton Hall; Joseph Dixon, cartwight and vict. Nag's Head; John Duck, cattle dlr.; Hon. and Rev. A. Duncombe, B.A., Rectory; James Marflit, butcher; John Walker, smith; and Wm. Borton, Sandland House; Mattw. Cordukes, Fras. and Thos. Huddleston, Joseph Kitching, Wm. Nalton, Wm. Ridsdale, John Stephenson, and Christopher Walkington, farmers.

BARUGH AMBO township comprises the two hamlets of Great and Little Barugh, from 5 to 6 miles S.S.W. of Pickering, and contains 294 souls, and about 2000 acres of land, on the east side of the small river Seven. Mrs. Mary Hayes is lady of the manor of Great Barugh, and Mr. William Owston is lord of Little Barugh, but a great part of the soil belongs to other proprietors. Directory:- Fras. Benson, brick and tile maker (and Kenythorpe;) Wm. Bornett and Geo. Cook, smiths; Thos. Lidster, brick and tile maker; John Parke, Esq., Barugh House; John Smith, cartwight; Richd. Swales, vict. Golden Lion; and Peter Amerson, Francis Barker, Thos. Coates, Edwd. Dowson, John Foxton, John Hardwick, Thos. Harrison, John Lawn, Wm. Lotherington, John and Jonathan Owston, and Richd. Ranson, farmers.

GREAT HABTON, a village and township in the vale of the Rye, 5 miles N.N.W. of Malton, has 122 inhabitants, and 990 acres of land. Thomas Pickering, Esq., is lord of the manor, and resides at the hall, but part of the soil belongs to other proprietors. Here is a small Wesleyan chapel. Directory:-Thos. Pickerng, Esq., Manor House; Rt. Blakelock, shoolr.; John Bower, cartwgt.; Richd. Brown, vict. Three Tuus; John Monkman, smith; John Borton, bone crusher; and Wm. Baker, Rd. Day, Wm. Green, John Inman, and Richard Walkington, farmers.

LITTLE HABTON township, at the confluence of the rivers Seven and Rye, 5½ miles N.W. of Malton, has only 56 souls and 490 acres. Thomas Pickering, Esq., is lord of the manor. Directory:- Wm. Frank, vict. Board; John Pinnock, corn miller; Mrs. Bransby; Richard Liddell, and Ann Pickering, farmers.

RYTON, in the lower part of the vale of the Rye, 3 miles N. of Malton, has 222 souls, and 1590 acres of rich loamy land, mostly the property of Thomas Barstow, Esq., lord of the manor. Here is a small Chapel od Ease, built in 1839. Directory:- Richard Surr, gent., Garforth Hall; and Wm. Audair, Mtw. and Thos. Brewster, Thos. Huddleston, Wm. Nelson, Guy Raines, homas Raines, John Schofield, Richard Stockton, and Thomas and Wm. Wentworth, farmers.