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The first pages of the Kirby Misperton History Web Site were published in April 2004. Written and designed by Paul Wicks the site aims to provide information about the township of Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire for anyone interested in the history of the village and its people.

In transcribing the original documents and making them available as web pages the style of the original documents has been followed as far as possible.

The web site is an ongoing project and additional material and sections will be added as time permits. If you have material that could be added to this site, including reminices or photographs of Kirby Misperton from any time in the past, please do get in touch. See the contact page for details. I would be intersted in hearing from anyone who used to live in Kirby Misperton or who has ancestors from Kirby Misperton.

A contents menu is provided on the home page. A more detailed list of contents can be found on the site map page. You can always return to the home page from anywhere on the web site by using by using the home button. For further instructions on using the web site please read the help page.

The links page lists other web sites relating to Kirby Misperton or the local area.