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This web site was designed to be viewed at a resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels using a web browser that supports level 2 cascading style sheets. With other browsers, including text only browsers, the web site should still be useable.


The home page for the web site can always be reached by clicking on the image in the top left-hand corner of the screen, or by using the button marked home. The other buttons at the top of each page will take you directly to the About page, Contact page, Links Page, Site Map and the Help page (this page).

Below the buttons is the navigation bar. This allows you to see where you are in the web site and to move directly to any level above the page you are on.

Downloading files

Some of the files on the web site, such as the census returns, are provided as Microsoft Excel files. Depending on your computer set-up selectng a link to one of these files will either open the file within the browser window or start to download the file to your computer. In most recent versions of Microsoft Windows it is possible to download a file by right-clicking on the link and choosing 'Save Target as..' from the pop-up menu. You will need a program that can read Microsoft Excel files to view the file.

Plain Text files

A few pages on the web site have been provided as plain text files (.txt). When displayed by the browser these pages will not have the images and navigation buttons found on the other pages. You should still be able to use your browser's back button to get back to the page you were on.


The '@' symbol in the e-mail address on the Contact page is an image rather than text. If you copy the e-mail address into a mail program using cut and paste you will need to re-insert the symbol after the word 'website'.