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General Remarks and Stipulations



The Whole of the Property is Freehold.


All the Farms are 6th April tenancies.


All Landlord’s Fixtures and Fittings are included in the sale. Every effort has been made to omit any buildings belonging to the various Tenants from the description in the particulars of the various lots, but the Properties are sold subject to any Tenants’ rights of removal of or payment for as the case may be, any such buildings or Fixtures whether included in the Particulars or not. Fixtures only which are the property of the Landlord will be included in the sale.


Every care has been exercised in the apportionment of Tithe Redemption Annuity to the particular lots. The figures are believed to be correct but their accuracy is not guaranteed and no claim will be admitted by errors, omissions or discrepancies. The Cottages Lots 8, 9, 11, and 12 are believed to be free of Tithe. Land Tax is as assessed, but as far as known is indicated in the Particulars. The Landlord’s proposition of Drainage Rate for 21 months ending 31st March, 1938, amounted to £17/19/5.


The Cultivations given in the Schedules are subject to the Tenants’ rights to vary the same under their agreements or otherwise.


All Timber is included in the sale of the various Farms and Properties as scheduled.


The Plans and quantities which have been taken from the Ordnance Survey Maps have been carefully prepared and are believed to be correct, but their accuracy is not guaranteed and no claim will be admitted for errors, discrepancies or omissions.


The Rents on the whole estate are in the majority of cases extremely low.


The right to alter the order of or withdraw any Lot from the sale, to amalgamate two or more Lots and to divide any Lot into two or more Lots is reserved.


which until recently has been in the ownership of J. R. Twentyman deceased is well known in the district, consisting of Farms all of which are of a medium size and thus command a good class of Tenant and are readily let.


The Shooting Rights are included in the sale of the individual Farms or Lots. The Fishing Rights on the whole of the estate are reserved.

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