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Lots 11 and 12 in the 1938 Kirby Misperton Estate Auction

LOT 11

(Coloured Pink on Plan)


situate on Ord. No. 196, built of brick and slated, having 5 Rooms, with Pig Sty, Out Offices, and Garden extending to about 26 Perches, now let Mrs. West on a\quarterly tenancy at a rental amounting to £6/1/- a year.

LOT 12


(Coloured Blue on Plan)

adjoining Lot 11, being built of brick and slated, and having similar accomodation as Lot 11, extending in all to about 27 Perches, being Ord. No. 196, now let to Canon Hope on a quarterly tenancy at a rental of £6/9/- a year.

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