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Domesday Entries for Kirby Misperton

'The Book of Winchester' compiled by direction of King William I in 1086 and known as the Domesday Book was a survey of the amount and value of land and livestock held by landholders in England. The entries are recorded in Latin in a terse inventory form with many abbreviations. There are three entries refering to Kirby Misperton, two settlements known as Kirby (Chirchebi in the Latin) in Berenger de Todeni's land and the settlement of Misperton (spelt 'Mispeton') which belonged to Kirby Moorside in the land of Hugh son of Baldric.

The Latin below is taken from Phillimore's edition, which itself is based on Abraham Farley's printed edition of 1783. In the English translation I have attempted to match the style of the original rather than the more readable Phillimore translation. Since I am not a Latin scholar I would welcome comments on where I have misrepresented the meaning of the Latin.




In CHIRCHEBI habuit Torbrant.II.carucatas / VI.
bouat ad gl. Nc ht Berenger de todeni./ abb ebo
racenfis de eo.In XIII.uill / dimid
aecclam cu pbro./ I.mold.V.fol / IIII.den.redd.
/ pti.T.R.E.ual.III.fol.m.xx.fol.


In alia CHIRCHEBI hb de.IIII.caru
catis / II.bou ad gld. Nc ht abb de Bereng. / wast.e.
T.R.E.ual.VIII.fol.Tot.I.lev lg./

Land of Berenger de Todeni

8 In North Riding

In Kirby belonging to Torbrant 2 carucates, 6 bovates (land for 2 ploughs) taxable. Now belonging to Berenger de Todeni, Abbot of York from him. In lordship 3 ploughs, 13 villagers, half a church with priest, 1 mill 5s 4d rent, 12 acres of meadow. In the time of King Edward value 3s now 20s.

In another Kirby belonging to Gamel 1 manor of 4 carucates, 2 bovates (land for 2 ploughs) taxable. Now belonging to the Abbot from Berenger, waste. In the time of King Edward value 8s. Total 1 league long, 1 wide.




B Hae ptin ad ChiRchebi.Wellebrune.Middelha.
Ritone.Martone.Berch.In his
/ dim ad gld.Tra.e funt M uilli pti.Tot M cu ad
iacentibz.ual T.R.E..XII.lib.m.C.fol.

24 Land of Hugh Son of Baldric

West Riding Gerlestre Wapentake

... other entries ...

B. These pertain to Kirby: Welburn, Middelham, Harome, Nawton, Barugh, Normanby, Misperton, Ryton, Marton, Baugh. In these are found 27½ carucates taxable. Land for 12 ploughs. There are found now: villagers 21 having 7 ploughs, there are 40 acres of meadow. Total manor with appurtenances, value in the time of King Edward £12, now 100s.


In Phillimore Berenger de Todeni is translated as Berenger of Tonsy, Torbrant as Thorbrandr and Gamel as Gamall.

The chapter numbered 24 is renumbered as 23 in Phillimore. All the townships in this section are actually in the North Riding and not in the West Riding as stated and Misperton is in the Manshowe (Ryedale) wapentake. The Kirby is Kirby Moorside and the two Barughs mentioned are Great and Little Barugh respectively. Middelham is a lost village.