Constitutional Club Minute Book

Wednesday 13th February 1924

There was a short meeting of the Committee held in the Club on Wednesday evening Feb 13th at 8 pm. The Committee of the Women's Institute was also present at the commencement of the meeting. Mrs Craggs reported that it had been decided that there should be a Women's Institute, and asked for the use of the large room once a fortnight for their meetings etc. Mr Wm Simpson proposed and Mr Hood seconded that the ladies have the room at 5/- a night, 3/- to go towards the Club funds and 2/- to the caretaker. This proposition was unanimously carried. The ladies then left the meeting.

The Committee then discussed the question of blinds for the windows. Mr Shepherd intimated that Miss Winspear had promised to make them, providing material was found for her. It was decided to accept Miss Winspear's offer.

The Chairman remarked that the date for the opening ceremony could not yet be fixed, as no reply had been received from Mr E R Turton M.P.

Mr Wilson promised to bring a load of coals before the opening ceremony. The Secretary was instructed to order one hundred bundles of sticks from the Workhouse Master at Pickering, and to see Mr John Pickering about the carting of them.

Mr H Simpson and Mr Bramley were absent from this meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

Signed W.J.Wilson
Feb 18th 1924
Chairman of Committee